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PPC - Digital Ads

Get your services or products in front of the right people with ads that convert

Google Ads

ADs give the opportunity for you to be seen FIRST. Landing pages that convert.

Social Ads

Put your business in front of social media users, increasing page likes, brand recognition, and sales.


Get immediate ROI while waiting for your SEO to climb,

Be seen

Get To The Top of Search Engines

Whether you are in the process of building the SEO for your website, launching a new product or it is the time of year that best suites your service – digital ads will help your business obtain immediate results.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads are exactly as it sounds, you pay for every click that is made on your ad. When you have that kind of money on the line, it is important that your ads are designed to lure potential clients in. Once they get there, it is just as important to have a landing page that is specific to the ad they clicked on.

Optimized ads and landing pages = ROI!

Ads get your products and services seen FIRST and that is important when it comes to your marketing budget. With the first page of search engine results getting 71% of the clicks, being at the top of page one will benefit anyone.

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Benefits of PPC

Immediate ROI

PPC provides fast ROI. Once you launch your ad, it is being presented at the top of search engine results pages for users to see.

Easy tracking of performance

Track the results of your ads day-today. Giving the ability to make fast changes to increase click-through rate or target new keywords.

Insights on SEO

Through your digital ads, you can gain useful insights to what may or may not work when it comes to your websites SEO.

See What Else We Can Do

Help Your SEO Strategy

Investing in your website SEO can be costly. Through your PPC campaign, you can gain leverage by seeing which keywords are going to convert and lift your page up.

Tracking the analytics of the ads can play a massive role in what keywords you use in your SEO strategy. 

Social Media Ads

When it comes to brand awareness, social media ads are a fantastic way to increase people’s knowledge of who your business is.

With 1.62 billion people using Facebook every day, social media is a marketing channel that cannot be ignored. 

Bringing potential clients to your page will allow you to speak with them on a more personal level, which builds trust.

Take Your Digital Marketing To The Next Level

It is time to invest in yourself. Whether you are looking to bring on a marketing agency that feels like part of your team or you want the direction to do it yourself. Rank Bull Marketing is here to lift you up and cover your needs.

About Rank Bull Marketing

Finding a passion in helping businesses find their voice is what drives Rank Bull Marketing.

Seeing how other digital marketing agencies and website development companies conducted business, we wanted to create an agency that was about you and your business.

Keeping the rights to your website, not being locked into a long contract that you aren’t happy with, having a say in the direction your website and marketing goes – are all key factors when you choose Rank Bull for your digital presence.