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Rank Bull Marketing takes your website’s SEO seriously. Search Engine Optimization is a long-term commitment that takes time and patience, yet provides lasting results if kept up.

Generally, it can take 3-6 months to see effective results, depending on how competitive your niche is and what your goals are. Having a consistent-strong strategy in motion will make the difference when it comes to ranking in search engines like Google or Bing. Our SEO marketing services in Fort Collins are focused on optimization that helps your business be found.

What is SEO and How it Works

Do you ever search for something on Google and wonder why some websites are at the top? It isn't just happenstance, but the work of someone with SEO knowledge optimizing that particular web page.

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of improving a website, webpage, or piece of content so it ranks higher organically in search engine results. There are quite a few factors that play a role when it comes to optimizing a website for SEO. From a website's speed, and the length of content to the keywords used in title tags and headers.

SEO-Search Engine optimization

Areas of Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO

The ‘Map Pack” provides a higher click percentage than any other area of search results. Having your Google Business Profile optimized and filled out with details about your business such as hours, location, phone number and more can drive a potential customer to you or even away. 

There are a lot of factors that go into creating an effective local strategy. From citations matching information to making consistent posts/updates on your profile. When it comes to drawing 45% of the clicks in the search results, this area has become a very important factor.

Having specific location pages in the areas you want to target is crucial to getting business outside of your main area. Our Fort Collins team ensures your local SEO will turn into revenue.

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Technical SEO

Search Engines hold several factors into account when it comes to technical SEO. How fast your page is will not only affect your rankings but your bounce rate, which is how quickly users leave your website. Every millisecond plays a role in if visitors stick around. 

Aside from a website’s speed, structured data markup, your site map being uploaded to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools, and ensuring your site is mobile friendly are all key components. Think of technical Search Engine Optimization as the wizard behind the curtain that pulls the strings up front. Our Fort Collins technical SEO services focus on taking you above the competition.

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On/Off Page SEO

On-page SEO consists of the written copy on your website including the headlines used, the title tags search engines display, and your URL structure. Proper keyword research is the foundation to success pertaining to on and off-page strategy. 

Effective blogging allows the ability to target new keywords and helps when it comes to building links to your website. Links are an important factor in SEO. Think of link building as a popularity contest, the more high authority domains pointing to your website or blogs, the bigger boost you get in ranking. For on and off-page SEO in Fort Collins that will drive people to your business, contact us today.

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White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is the practice of implementing techniques that are in line with the search engine’s approved methods. There are clear outlines of what Google and Bing allow when it comes to tactics and strict penalties for those that do not follow these guidelines.

At Rank Bull Marketing, we do not engage in unethical practices to rank a page. Keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages are things you will never find. Proper SEO techniques can hold great weight when it comes to your rankings, we keep up with algorithm updates to ensure we are always following best practices.

Meticulous SEO Process

We strive to give your company our best when it comes to your marketing. That being said, we have developed an in-depth checklist that ensures we cover every aspect that is important to ranking your site. Making sure every box is checked allows us to know we have crossed all our T’s and dotted all our I’s.

Following a strict SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) format for every move we make allows us to be consistent from business to business, holding us accountable if something is missed. If we miss a piece to the puzzle, it can directly affect the SEO of your site. With our systems in place, you can trust that we are doing everything we can to market your business to the best of our ability.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

It is easy to find how much search engine optimization costs with a simple Google search. You will quickly notice that rates are very inconsistent. We offer packages that are catered to your needs and budget. We understand that digital marketing costs are not cheap, so we try to work with each business individually, ensuring the cost is practical to your budget.

The cost of SEO for Fort Collins companies depends on the services you want to be performed, the size of your website, and the competition in your niche. Our packages start at $300 per month and go up. We set realistic expectations when it comes to your marketing strategy and ask that you give us the same. SEO is a very in-depth marketing service that requires extensive research to develop effectively.

About Rank Bull Marketing

Finding a passion for helping businesses find their voice is what drives Rank Bull Marketing.

Seeing how other SEO marketing agencies in Fort Collins conducted business, we made a point to creating an agency that was here for YOU and YOUR business.

Seeing your SEO improve, confidence in your investment, and a steady ROI – are all key factors when you choose Rank Bull for your digital presence.


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