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Rank Bull Marketing is heavily experienced with social media marketing for Fort Collins businesses. A social media campaign is communicating with your audience on platforms are crucial to building a reputation, brand, and sharing your voice.

Marketing to the wrong audience, and sharing content that creates too much controversy; are ways we can cause our fans to turn away. Conducting the proper research and developing a content plan that attracts is the separation from building trust to turning people away. Contact us today for an audit of your social media marketing efforts in the Fort Collins area and more.

What Social Media Platforms Should I Be On?

The question we get most is "What social media platforms should I be on? The answer to that question: What platforms is your audience on?

If you run a high-end heated driveway company, chances are it could be a waste of time creating content for Tik Tok. If you have a service business that provides home repairs, YouTube how-to videos would be right up your alley.

Assessing your current strategy and researching who exactly your audience is will provide our Fort Collins-based social media agency with the platforms your business will benefit from targeting.

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What Area of Social Media Do You Need Help With?

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Writing a Facebook post is a quarter of the battle. Today it is best practice to create visually pleasing content and videos that draw your audience in. Creating engagement shows that you are connecting with your fans on a level you want.

With our content creation package, we create engaging graphics that are branded to your company. From aesthetic post templates to written copy that encourages your audience to interact. Contact us today for help with your Fort Collins social media campaign.

Social Media Strategy

Being on social media is more than posting random content at random times.

Having a consistent content schedule that is targeted to your audience us what makes a brand stand out.

With our social media strategy package, we will carefully research who your audience is, then develop a content plan around what you want to market. You will have a week-by-week plan of attack with optimal posting times, and a content plan designed to engage and communicate your business, its products, services, and promotions. 

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Social Media Management

We understand that some business owners don’t want anything to do with creating a social media marketing plan, let alone posting or engaging with the audience. 

If this sounds like you, our social media management package is the way to go. We will take the reins and allow you to focus on running your business.

We will audit your current efforts, research your audience and what they like, Create visually pleasing graphics, write engaging copy along with implement researched hashtags, and even engage with your audience.


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We aren’t in the business of shooting guns in the air and hoping we hit something. Through extensive research, we have a defined target and always hit our mark.

Drilling down to exactly who it is we are sharing content to, we speak to them on a level that encourages interaction and excitement. Finding groups that carry hold your audience, we share content to increase organic reach and engagement.

This strategic research plays a big role if and when you decide to run social media ads. The ability to get in front of the exact people who use your service or products makes a substantial difference.

Elevate Your Brand

Algorithm is a funky word that most don’t quite understand, don’t worry you aren’t alone. Social media algorithms pay close attention to consistency. Posting on the same days, at the same time gives your presence credibility when it comes to organic reach.

Your presence on social platforms may not directly affect your website’s SEO, but the links you share will add up and influence search engine optimization.

Let us elevate your brand with consistent, optimized content that your audience will love.

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How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost?

The cost of social media marketing in the Fort Collins area depends on the package that fits your needs. If you are the do-it-yourself type, we recommend our social media strategy package. 

  • Generally starting at $200 and includes 3 platforms, the price increases depending on how many pages you have and for more platforms. 
  • If content creation is your pain point, we will build out aesthetically pleasing posts for your business starting at $75 per week which will include 4 white-labeled graphics formatted for the platform of your choice.
  • Social Media Management is an all-inclusive package. We grab the reigns and do everything for you, from creating graphics, writing copy for the posts, researching your audience and effective hashtags to engagement. This package starts at $500 for a basic 3 days per week on two platforms and goes up depending on desired content schedule, amount of platforms and pages.

About Rank Bull Marketing

Finding a passion in helping businesses find their voice is what drives Rank Bull Marketing.

Seeing how other digital marketing agencies and website development companies conducted business, we wanted to create an agency that was about you and your business.

Keeping the rights to your website, not being locked into a long contract that you aren’t happy with, having a say in the direction your website and marketing goes – are all key factors when you choose Rank Bull for your digital presence.


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